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A reliable manufacturer of Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products, Herbal Amla Shikakai Shampoo, Rose Face Pack, Winter Intense Cream, Herbal Herbs Powders, etc.

About Us

We, Sutatva Nature Care LLP, work with the aim to benefit the world with our Natural Hair Care Products, Natural Skin Care Products, Herbal Lemon Face Gel, Rose Face Pack, Winter Cream, Herbal Amla Powder, Almond Oil, etc., that are made by our experts, utilizing their rich knowledge of Ayurveda. Our manufacturer, trader and supplier firm, makes use of 100% natural raw ingredients to prepare its range. The team we have strictly tests every ingredient, prior to its use so that we develop highly effective and safe to use products for body health. skin and hair care. Not just this, we also conduct tests on the entire developed as well as sourced product batches to ensure high quality attributes. Our mission is to promote use of Ayurvedic Products as they are miraculous and can help in getting rid of many issues related to health, hair, skin, etc.  

Our Core Values

Sutatva means purest natural elements, we have taken this word and given it to our company as we believe in delivering pure products to customers. We believe that nature can do wonders as there are many wonderful ingredients present in the Mother Earth that can give improved health, skin and hair. All our products are made from 100% original herbs that have many natural benefits and are safe to use.

Besides assuring purity of products, following are some other values which we take into consideration while carrying out business operations:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Timely delivery

An Overview of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is considered as a sister science to Yoga. It was emerged from the sacred books of Vedas that are also referred as Books of Wisdom. Vedas are believed to be formed around 6000 years ago during the Vedic period in ancient India.

Ayurveda identifies five elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether as the fundamental building blocks of everything present in nature. Ayurveda when studied, teaches to see the world with three elements called doshas that are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Ayurveda was very popular during Vedic times, it was taught as a subject during school education. But, with the rise of freedom struggle with the British empire, this popularity and interest of people got lost because Britishers made several changes in the education system.

Now in the current time, Ayurveda has resurfaced as a major system of healthcare and we, Sutatva Nature Care LLP, are contributing towards increasing use of its products. Employing Ayurveda science, we prepare and bring forth products such as Herbal Lemon Face Gel, Rose Face Pack, Winter Cream, Natural Hair Care Products, Natural Skin Care ProductsHerbal Amla Powder, Almond Oil, etc.
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